...the unique atmosphere make for an exciting, invigorating and unforgettable experience...

Gascony Markets

bustling, vibrant markets

Simply Gascony Aug 1 2015

An unmissable feature for anybody visiting Gascony is the bustling, vibrant markets that occupy the centres of towns and villages. The smells, the sounds, the sights and the unique atmosphere make for an exciting, invigorating and unforgettable experience.

These weekly markets offer fresh meat and fish along with delicious fruit and vegetables depending on the season. Delectable cheeses and accompanying wines are very easy to find. The staggering choice is made easier to navigate with advice and recommendations from the friendly stall-keeper. Some markets also offer beautiful plants and flowers from the lovely Gascony countryside.


The unfamiliar appearance at a market of live rabbits, ducks, geese and chickens often prompts a second look from visitors to the region!

Specialist Markets

Whilst market stalls in Gascony are often adorned with everything the region has to offer, the markets certainly don't abandon practicality as clothes, household items and even agricultural tools are generally available.

"...Delectable cheeses and accompanying wines are very easy to find..."

Foie-gras, antiques and even farm machinery can easily be found in one of Gascony's many specialist markets.


Night Markets

However, what stands out (albeit perfectly unsurprising for those familiar with the Gascony lifestyle), are the night markets where much of the same produce is available as found in the ordinary markets.

Underneath the unpolluted Gascony night sky, one finds long trestle tables where people can come together and enjoy each other's company, visitors can meet the locals and a communal dinner can be enjoyed. Dancing and music is standard at these night markets and an impromptu Gascony-style festival can erupt at a moment's notice!

The night markets showcase many of Gascony's remarkable features; excellent cuisine, fantastic hospitality, a rich and vibrant community - all amongst an unspoilt and astonishing natural environment.