...Gascony means relaxing, enjoying the good life and that wonderful feeling of well-being...

The Gascony Story

An Introduction To Gascony...


Gascony is a beautiful, unspoilt and completely rural part of South West France, close to the Pyrenees Mountains and stretching all the way between the exciting cities of Bordeaux and Toulouse. The historic Dukedom of Gascony is now mainly within the modern 'département' of ‘Le Gers’, but for 300 years during the Middle Ages...

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Jazz In Marciac!!

40th Anniversary International
Festival of Jazz

Jazz In Marciac!!

28th July to 15th August, 2017
This world famous jazz festival is one of the stars in the Gascony summer sky...

Simply Gascony June 2017

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What's Cooking In Gascony?

...enough to spark a lifelong love affair...

What's Cooking In Gascony?

Part of the appeal of a holiday with Simply Gascony is the opportunity to shop for really fresh ingredients in the markets, cook simple, wonderful meals and then enjoy eating them with your family and friends...

Simply Gascony May 2017

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Gascony's Fascinating History...

...beautiful, unspoilt, historic...

Chateau Poudenas

Gascony is the beautiful, unspoilt, historic area of South West France that lies between the Pyrenees Mountains and the River Garonne. This land was once the ancient Dukedom...

Simply Gascony Aug 2016

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Family Sports and Activities in Gascony...

...Gascony for Family Holidays...


There is masses of choice of Family Sports and Activities to do in Gascony. We are listing below a few options and do please contact us if you want more information about any of these...

Simply Gascony June 1 2016

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Family Holidays...

...Gascony is Great for Family Holidays...


Grandparents, Parents and Children will all really enjoy a holiday in Gascony, this beautiful, welcoming and unspoilt part of South West France.

Simply Gascony May 1 2016

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Cycling In Gascony...

...Superb cycling combined with a real Gascon holiday...


We at Simply Gascony are delighted to have the opportunity to work with another excellent business offering specialist services for visitors to Gascony - Gascony Cycling Tours.

Simply Gascony Apr 1 2016

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All About Armagnac...

...a jewel of Gascony's history, the noble brandy - Armagnac!...


There are lots of reasons you might want to visit Gascony, and especially to come on holiday in this special, little-known, unspoilt and very beautiful part of South West France. And one of the best reasons is that jewel of Gascony's history, the noble brandy - Armagnac!

Simply Gascony Mar 1 2016

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Gascony's Cities

...there are several beautiful and interesting cities on the periphery...


Most of the ancient Duchy of Gascony is contained within the modern ‘département’ of ‘Le Gers’, one of the least populated and most rural parts of France.

The capital of Le Gers and its only ‘city’ – because it has a cathedral - is Auch, which has a population of only about 25,000.

Simply Gascony Feb 1 2016

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Gascony's Medieval Towns & Villages

...well worth visiting!


A unique feature of Gascony is the wealth of mediaeval small towns and villages, some beautiful and all fascinating. Many of these are 'bastides', the fortified 'new towns' built in C13th and C14th.

The Bastide idea was originally conceived by Henry II, King of England and Duke of Aquitaine, and was based on the principles of Roman town-planning.

Simply Gascony Nov 23 2015

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Markets In Gascony

bustling, vibrant markets


An unmissable feature for anybody visiting Gascony is the bustling, vibrant markets that occupy the centres of towns and villages. The smells, the sounds, the sights and the unique atmosphere make for an exciting, invigorating and unforgettable experience.

These weekly markets offer fresh meat and fish along with delicious fruit and vegetables depending on the season.

Simply Gascony Aug 11 2015

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Garlic from Gascony...

From Touch To Taste

Gascony Garlic

When the topic turns to French cuisine, cheeses synonymous with France such as Camembert or Brie rarely escape the conversation, as is often the case with the fantastic Sauvignon Blanc that one of the guests shared with a close friend last year.

The garlic we hastily buy in the supermarket does this 'superfood' little justice but if we look a little deeper into one of Gascony's hidden treasures, we see that there's certainly more than meets the palette.

Simply Gascony June 1 2015

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