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Chateau Gensac

award-winning wines & Armagnac

Chateau Gensac

This is a beautiful C13 Chateau close to Condom, traditional centre for making Armagnac. The chateau is the heart of the wine making at Gensac, surrounded by vineyards and the old wine making buildings. Here, the owner and winemaker work together to create interesting and innovative wines using Gascon and international grape varieties to make the most of the Gensac ‘terroir’.


Varieties include:


- Red wines: Tannat, Malbec, Merlot, Fer Servadou, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah

- White wines: Sauvignon Gris, Semillon, Petit Corbou and Petit Manseng


Winemaking involves:


- Soil mainly composed of clay and limestone

- Grapes picked by hand which ensures we only use the best grapes

- Low yield per hectare – we want to ensure best quality and not quantity.

- New French Oak Barrels for our best wines and also for Armagnacs


And Gensac produces intense full-bodied wines which reflect their terroir.


The owner of Chateau de Gensac says:


Chateau de Gensac, and the Armagnac producing area of Gascony are found deep in the southwest of France, about halfway between Bordeaux and Toulouse.  And right in the heart of Armagnac, the Gensac estate stretches across 300 hectares of land.  Vines have been cultivated here for over 600 years, and we are incredibly proud of, and highly dedicated to being able to build on, this long-standing tradition in order to produce top-quality wines and Armagnac with the latest technology.

Amidst a unique landscape of vineyards, lakes and meadows, not only our vines but also our wonderful horses flourish. The horses live around the Château de Gensac, which makes it an even more magical place and unique experience for both residents and visitors.


It is only due to the wonderful terroir and the fantastic climate and conditions that we are able to produce such magnificent, characterful wines and Armagnac. We take great care of our soil and our vines and, with much attention to detail, create a range of excellent, regionally typical products that have been awarded numerous international distinctions.


When you are on holiday with Simply Gascony, we will introduce you to our friends at Chateau de Gensac. You can then taste and buy these wines and Armagnacs for yourself by arranging a wine tasting visit and tour at Chateau de Gensac!


You will deal directly with Chateau de Gensac – we will simply provide you with the introduction to:


Camille Margueritte


Château de Gensac

32100 Condom-en-Armagnac


Tél +33 5 81 68 13 91

[email protected]

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