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Our Working Partners...


Simply Gascony works with other Gascon businesses to provide our guests with a customised personal service, creating a wide range of holiday activities and experiences.


Our relationship with our Working Partners is based on ‘mutual benefit’.  We introduce our SG holiday guests to one or more of our partners and the commercial arrangements are then made direct between our guest and the service provider. This Simply Gascony ‘concierge’ service adds enjoyment and variety to your holiday.


For more information on availability, enquiries and bookings please contact:

[email protected]

 +44 7970 698867


Our Working Partners for 2024

Atelier Cuisine Fourcès.                 Cooking workshops and market visits

Chateau Gensac                               Award winning wines & Armagnac

De la Terre au Verre                        Wine offers and tastings

Domaine de Herrebouc                  Organic wines and great tastings

Doo-Eat                                            Cooking in your rental home

e-Velo Gers                                      Electric bike hire near your holiday house

Bike Hire & Tours                           Self-guided tours by bike

Le Cho truck                                   Wine tasting at your property

Les Freres Poulets                          Rotisserie BBQ/spit roast

Littlewing Photos & Film               Photos or videos of your holiday events

M2M                                                  Pyrenees wildlife experts

Sarrat Évasion                                 Outdoor Activities for all in Pyrenees mountains

Sarrat Sport                                     Bespoke ski-hire and guiding in Pyrenees mountains

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De la Terre au Verre


Wine has been made in Gascony since Roman times.  Gascon wines today are often described as ‘authentic country wines’, many made by small independent producers using local grape varieties, as well as by the excellent Plaimont cooperative. Gascony’s famous brandy Armagnac is also a must-try while you’re in the region.


With this background in mind, Simply Gascony is delighted to have met and tasted the wines of Romain Bourlot at De la Terre au Verre (‘From the Earth to the Glass’). Romain trained as an oenologist and has worked on wine estates in France, Italy and Australia, before setting up his own wine business in the lovely town of Lectoure.  Romain stocks a wide range of French wines and specialises in the wines (and Armagnacs) of over 25 independent local Gascon wine estates, offering high quality at attractive prices.  As Romain says:


“Here in Gascony wines can be so different, partly because the traditional Gascon grape varieties are different…for example:


Colombard, Ugni Blanc, Petit and Gros Manseng. These grape varieties are used to elaborate dry and fruity white wines, recommended for appetizers and for accompanying fish meals.


Petit et Gros Manseng, Late Harvest.  Make very fruity and sweet wines , gold coloured, ideal for duck foie gras, and chocolate desserts.


Tannat, Merlot, Cabernet Franc. These grape varieties are used for red wines. Fruity and well-balanced tempered, with hints of the soil where the vines are grown, these wines will be appreciated with duck breast or cheeses.

Finally, how to speak about Gascony without evoking Armagnac from distillation of white grapes and aged in oak barrels for many years. This ancient spirit which has been produced for many centuries will take you on an unique sensory journey.”

Romain will be delighted to help Simply Gascony guests with the selection of wines for their holiday.  This could include for example supplying a mixed tasting case of 12 Gascon wines to be waiting at your property for your arrival.  Perhaps you might like to have Romain’s recommendations for a tasting tour of wine properties near your rental house.  Or you might like to visit Lectoure (a really attractive historic market town with excellent restaurants and shops) and include a wine-tasting at De la Terre au Verre. 


You will deal directly with De la Terre au Verre – we will simply provide you with the introduction.

Romain Bourlot

De la Terre au Verre

25 Rue Nationale

32700 Lectoure

[email protected]

Tel : 05 62 68 51 40










Gascogne Bike Hire & Tours


How about making biking part of your holiday in Gascony? Gascony is perfect biking country. You will find a deeply rural and very attractive undulating countryside of fields, woods, ‘bastide’ villages and market towns. There is very little traffic, lots to see and do, and you can choose your own pace. And to help you organise this…


Dave & Tracey Jones have been living and cycling in Gascony for 20 years. As Gascogne Bike Hire they offer guests staying in Simply Gascony rental properties a variety of bicycle based additional services, including:


Bike Hire: Affordable Bike Hire so you can explore this beautiful area on your own. Bikes include - Trek Fx1 VTC bikes, VTT bikes, e-bikes and children's bikes and Trailers. You can also hire pannier bags, phone holders, and child seats. With prior booking, these can be delivered to your rental property whenever you want.


Self-Guided Day Tours. Day Tours with different Points of Interest . A day tour usually starts at their depot at 9am. Your Tour can then be downloaded to your phone for full GPS guidance. Tour options include the Historical tour, the Wine & Armagnac Tour and the Gastronomic Tour. Gascogne Bike Hire can also provide you with a gourmet Picnic lunch (vegetarian/vegan options available) so you can stop when you choose and go at your own pace. You can also choose the distance for your day tour, e.g. 20km 30km etc.


You will deal direct with Gascogne Bike Hire– we will simply provide you with the introduction.


David & Tracey Jones


0033 627722894


[email protected]


Le Cho truck


You would like to have a convivial wine tasting but don’t want to leave your pool side during the day?  Then why not arrange for Damien CAMACHO to bring his vintage Citroen van ‘shop’ to your property, drop down the sides and set up a wine tasting.


Damien usually does this for markets, fetes and other village events, but he also does excellent private wine tastings, just for you and your group of friends.

You will deal directly with Le cho truck – we will simply provide you with the introduction.  

Damien Camacho 
Le Cho Truck

+33 6 02 13 75 66
[email protected]







Les Frères Poulets

Chickens roasting on a spit, or suckling pig, or wild boar!  Now imagine the BBQ spit roast set up for you at your Simply Gascony holiday rental property. What a feast!  


The brothers Xavier and Fabien CHIARI are farmers near Fleurance, in the middle of the Simply Gascony rental area.  They grow organic vegetables, soft fruits, garlic – and free range chickens and guinea fowl.  As well as their wholesale business, the brothers have a stand at several fresh produce markets, such as Fleurance on Saturday mornings, selling direct to the customer. 


In 2021 they started operating a mobile rotisserie, selling their own spit-roast chickens in the markets, then this expanded to village and town fetes or other events.  As demand has grown, they have acquired more BBQs of different sizes and will also cater for private parties, including guests renting a Simply Gascony property.


You will deal directly with Les Freres Poulet – we will simply provide you with the introduction.  

Xavier Chiari
Les Frères Poulets

+33 6 33 98 00 59
[email protected]




Littlewing Photos & Film


If you are renting a Simply Gascony country house for a special holiday such as a family birthday or a friends’ reunion, how about having a local, friendly, talented, professional photographer/videographer record the experience for you?


Fran Corbett of Littlewing Photos & Film lives at La Sauvetat, about in the middle of Le Gers. She takes on a wide variety of photo opportunities, including some of our Simply Gascony holiday properties (e.g. Chateau Pélat, Chateau Puissentut and Castelnau des Fieumarcon) but her main work is to do with weddings and family events. Look at Fran’s website and you will see how original and appealing her work is.


You will deal direct with Littlewing Photos & Film– we will simply provide you with the introduction.


Fran Corbett


[email protected]


+33 786 10 49 13

de la terre
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