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Domaine de Herrebouc

Healthy grapes at low yields

We first came into contact with Carine and Helene at Herrebouc in March 2023. Herrebouc vineyards are close to one of our most popular rental properties, Chateau Pélat at Jegun.  Pélat has its own small parcel of vines and relies on a local vigneron to make the wine.


When the neighbour who had done this for 30 years retired, we needed to find a successor, so Letty and I made an appointment to visit Herrebouc in the nearby village of Saint-Jean-Poutge. We quickly discovered that Carine and Helene (like all winemakers) were passionate about making their wine, and (which is not so common) equally passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with anyone who is interested in learning.


We were delighted when Carine and Helene agreed to take responsibility for the Pélat vines, and also agreed to become a Working Partner for Simply Gascony, very willing to host winery tours and tastings by SG rental guests staying at Pélat, or at any of our other properties.


This is how Carine and Helene describe Herrebouc and its wine:

The wines of the Herrebouc Estate are made from healthy grapes harvested at low yields to produce concentrated fruit; typical yields are 10 to 35 hectolitres per hectare.  Herrebouc production has been fully organic since 2010 and has been officially ‘Demeter Certified’ as ‘biodynamic’ since 2020.

The vineyards are at the centre of the estate and surrounded by 80 hectares of meadows, fields and woodland that are protected and completely free of all chemical pesticides. 


Our vines are planted on 18 hectares of varying limestone/clay soils with a microclimate that encourages the development of tannins and acidity.  This terroir, typical of the best in Southwest France, allows the creation of wines with a full body and structure that increases aging capacity.


The vineyards were reorganised between 1999 and 2006.  About half the area is still planted with the ‘Old Vines’ of this area: (white varieties) Colombard, Ugni blanc, Sauvignon gris, Petit Manseng and Gros Manseng; (red varieties) Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Tannat and Syrah.

Because wine is made from grapes which grow on vines, the quality of the wine we make depends fundamentally on the health of our vines.   Our chief concern throughout the year, from pruning to harvest, is the condition of the living soil, the richness of the ecosystem and the vitality of the vine plants.

Wine making at Herrebouc is traditional, simple, and as ‘gentle’ as possible – by which we mean that we avoid unnecessary use of chemical inputs and mechanisation.  With this approach our wines reveal the influence of the terroir of Herrebouc, giving birth to natural, individual, and non-standard wines that vary according to each vintage. 


Herrebouc wines have a great capacity for aging and developing their taste.  For whites, improvement continues for 6 to 15 years, and for reds this can be for 8 to 20 years.  As the wines age so their innate characteristics will evolve, revealing more depth, complexity and suppleness. 


These wines can be drunk as soon as they are offered for sale, whether relatively young or more mature, depending on individual taste and the combination of food and wine.  At Herrebouc, we take great care not to sell wine that is too young to allow it to continue to develop in the bottle as it improves with age.

Herrebouc wines are cellared during aging in the restored magnificent buildings of Chateau Herrebouc, which date back to the XIII century, when the medieval fortified tower and adjacent watermill were built.


Domaine de Herrebouc is open all year, every day of the week except Sunday, and we welcome both private and professional visitors, both to taste and to buy direct from our property.  Many cultural events take place the property to illustrate the story of winemaking.

“We and our team take great pleasure in sharing our passion, our work, and our wine with our guests”.  


Helene & Carine

You will deal directly with Carine & Helene at Domaine de Herrebouc – we will simply provide you with the introduction to them.


Helene Archidec & Carine Fitte   

Château de Herrebouc

419 chemin de Herrebouc

32190 Saint-Jean-Poutge


33 (0)5 62 64 68 34

[email protected]

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