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Our Services

customised personal service...

Our Services


As a Guest renting a Simply Gascony holiday property, you will have the benefit of dealing with people who live in Gascony, who can speak French or English, who understand your requirements and who simply want you to enjoy every minute of your holiday in Gascony.



For more information on availability, enquiries and bookings please contact:

[email protected]

 +44 7970 698867


We work as a team. Each of our rental properties is looked after by a housekeeper who lives near the property, who really knows the local area and who wants to help you. He or she will be our first point of contact during your holiday. 


Next, there is our team of Working Partners. We work with other Gascon businesses to provide our guests with a customised personal service, offering a wide range of holiday activities and experiences.


Our relationship with our Working Partners is based on ‘mutual benefit’.  We introduce our SG holiday guests to one or more of our partners and the commercial arrangements are then made direct between our guest and the service provider. This Simply Gascony ‘concierge’ service adds enjoyment and variety to your holiday.


Whether you are a family or a group of friends, we, Simply Gascony, the property housekeepers,and our Working Partners, will between us provide you with a personalised service so that you can have the holiday you want.

Our Role

Simply Gascony acts as agent for the Owners of selected country house properties in Gascony. We present these properties to Guests who are looking for somewhere special to stay for their holidays.


Simply Gascony only operates in Gascony – the region of the ancient Duchy of Gascony and now mainly covered by the modern département of Le Gers. We are perfectly placed to help you find what you want in a holiday house. We live in Gascony and know the area and the local people really well. We have 30 years' experience of the holiday home business; we understand your requirements and we will find you the house that best suits you.


We understand that the service provided by us, by the housekeeper and by our Working Partners is as important to you for the enjoyment of your holiday as is the quality of the house you are renting. 


Additional Services

We provide our Guests with the personalised service that can make a holiday really special, one that you will remember for years to come. Here are some examples of the additional services we can provide (at an extra charge – usually paid direct to the provider). Some of these services are provided by the housekeeper at the property and others by our growing team of Working Partners, all experts in their field.

Pre-arrival shopping service - for many properties, the housekeeper will shop on your behalf before you arrive, so that you will find the kitchen stocked with exactly what you want.

Other housekeeper services - many owners/housekeepers will also offer baby-sitting, extra cleaning, laundry, ironing and other services – just ask!


Airport pick-up – many people who arrive by airplane then hire a car, but some need to be collected from the airport or railway station to transfer to their rental property, and we can organise this for you.

Driver - we can organise a local driver should you need one, for a day, or for your whole stay.

Cook -we can arrange for delicious meals to be prepared and brought to you at the house, or for a Gascon cooking workshop to be held at the property for some or all of your party, or for a dinner to be cooked for you in the property (these services may be provided by a Working Partner).

Beauty treatments - we can recommend salons or we can also arrange for a professional beauty therapist to come the house to provide treatments.

Photography - If you are having a special holiday such as a family birthday or a friends’ reunion, how about having a local, friendly, talented, photographer/videographer record the experience for you? (these services may be provided by a Working Partner)


Bike Hire/Cycling Tours - we can arrange with one of our Working Partners to provide electric bikes for rent to be waiting for you at your property and/or to arrange 'special interest' cycling tours (wine, food, markets, architecture...)


Pyrenees trekking and bird-watching - This is an opportunity to explore with one of our Working Partners the extraordinary diversity & natural riches to be found in the ever-changing landscape of the Pyrenees mountains (this service will be provided by a Working Partner).


Skiing in the Pyrenees or other mountain activities – we have two Working Partners, each expert in these fields, who can organise this for you.


Things to do - many housekeepers can arrange visits (e.g. wine-tastings, restaurant bookings or museum visits) or other activities (e.g. hot-air ballooning or horse-riding).


Each of our properties is looked after by a local housekeeper and our Guests will receive a quality of service that makes them want to book again. There is something for everyone to do in Gascony – and just doing nothing by your pool, reading a good book and enjoying a glass of Gascony wine, is also a great idea!

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