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Outdoor activities for one and all

Sarrat Évasion

Beginning in March, our new Working Partner is ‘Sarrat Évasion’, the younger sister company of our already established Working Partner, Sarrat Sport which is one of the leading ski agencies in the Saint-Lary-Soulan ski resort in the heart of the Pyrenees. Sarrat Sport opened in 1968 and fifty-five years later this local agency continues to offer its unmatched experience of skiing in the Aure valley in the Haute-Pyrenees to skiers of all abilities.  


Like Sarrat Sport, the main rental site for ‘Sarrat Évasion’ is at the entrance to the village of Saint Lary. You will find an experienced team of very helpful staff, between them speaking French, Spanish and English.  The tradition of Sarrat Évasion and Sarrat Sport is to provide excellent customer service, which fits perfectly with our thinking at Simply Gascony.


Sarrat Évasion is a highly professional operation, covering and organising a wide range mountain activities. These include for example activities from canyoning to cycling to cave exploration. ‘


● Canyoning

Canyoning means progressing along a canyon by using various methods such as hiking, climbing, abseiling, sliding, stemming, chimneying and rappelling. They offer 160 itineraries designed for beginners from 7 years old to more experienced adults. Please note that it is necessary to know how to swim for this activity.


● Mountain biking

The Pyrenees are the perfect spot to do this in spring and summer. You can do this with electric bikes, and the more technical rides with downhill bikes. There are also training opportunities.


● Parcours Aventure (adventure trail)

This is a combination of canyoning and climbing. From one rock face to the other, you will do a succession of rope or cable activities above water. During this adventure, you will try rope walking to zip lining, to using stretched nets, and much more.​


● Rafting / canoe / kayak

The Pyrenees is renowned for the range of opportunities for river rafting, canoe or kayak. WithSarrat Evasion you will be able to do it guided by certified instructors using various packages for you to find exactly the right one for you.


● Mountain scooters

If you feel like exploring the Pyrenees on a scooter, Sarrat Évasion offers a mountain bike session with an instructor. You will first do a few practice exercises, and then carry on with a ride and 45-minute descent.


● Climbing

Saint-Lary-Soulan is a great climbing centre and you will get to choose between an initiation to this activity, or more challenging rock climbs on natural cliffs.


● Hydrospeed

Hydrospeed is a sport activity during which you swim in mountain rivers with the help of floating boards and flippers. Being this close to the water and its surroundings makes it a thrilling experience and gives you the opportunity to navigate freely in harmony with the current of the river.


● Hiking

The Pyrenees are an amazing area to hike during spring and summer. To make the most of your hiking sessions, Sarrat Evasion works with expert guides who will share their deep knowledge and love of the area. 


● Paragliding

Sarrat Évasion offers two-seater paragliding sessions with an expert guide. You will have someone who will assist you during the flight. The sessions go from 15 minutes to 45 minutes and are accessible from 6 years old.  


● Tir a l’arc parcours nature (archery nature trail)

During the session you will be taught the basics of archery while doing a walk in the area. For people who like a challenge, there is the possibility to take part in archery fighting, during which two teams compete with soft arrows, or do other activities around this unusual discipline.


● Speleology (cave exploring)

The Pyreness includes a number of underground natural wonders to discover with qualified instructors during caving workshops. 

Simply Gascony & Sarrat Évasion

Here’s how it all works. When you rent one of our warm, comfortable, well-equipped country houses this spring or early summer, we will also introduce you to our ‘Working Partner’,  ‘Sarrat Évasion’.  We have an arrangement with this agency that means you can decide to take a break for a day or two from your country house rental and drive up into the Pyrenees to Saint Lary.  


Sarrat Évasion will be expecting you (with coffee and croissant waiting!) and will have all the equipment you need ready for you. They will also guide you to the most suitable locations for your party and the activity(ies) you have chosen.  This means you will not waste any time and you could have up to 5 hours of fascinating activity in the mountains, followed by a delicious, leisurely lunch in Saint Lary.  Then you drive back to your country house for warm fires, hot baths and, if you wish, dinner prepared for you by a local chef.  


Between us, Simply Gascony and Sarrat Évasion will organise everything you need to make this ‘double holiday’ work for you and your family.  You will deal directly with Sarrat Évasion [link to SE website] – we will simply provide you with the introduction to:  




Manager, Sarrat Évasion

1, route d’Autun
65170 Saint-Lary-Soulan

[email protected]

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