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Skiing in the Pyrenees with Sarrat Sport by Marie-Aude Koné

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

If you want to experience the beauty of Gascony outside the busier, warmer months, then staying in one of our country houses and going on a skiing break in the Pyrenees might be the perfect family holiday for you…

Lac de Génos-Loudenvielle in Hautes-Pyrenees

If by now, you are not convinced that the Pyrenees are the perfect location for a family skiing holiday, I have no doubt you will change your mind very soon!

Simply Gascony has found the perfect way for you to stay in one of our lovely houses and enjoy skiing in the Pyrenees with your family, whether you are a beginner or an expert skier.

This has become possible thanks to our recent collaboration with Sarrat Sport, one of the leading skiing agencies in Saint Lary.

Located in the Aure Valley, Saint Lary is an amazing ski resort offering various activities for families, from skiing to nice local restaurants and spa breaks. If you wish to know more about the area, you will find all you need to know in our previous blog that is entirely dedicated to this beautiful and unspoilt jewel of the Pyrenees.

Sarrat Sport Skiing – Jan 23

The Pyrenees are an amazing region on the edge of Gascony in the Southwest of France,and the place to go this winter for so many reasons.

First of all, they showcase breath-taking views that you can enjoy while having a walk or hiking in the area, and of course, while skiing. Another major benefit that makes the Pyrenees so attractive for a skiing holiday is the fact that it is ideal for families. This area offers a lot of outdoor activities at affordable prices, which makes a real difference for parents who want to have a good time with their families and make the most of their holidays, without going over their budget.

The Pyrenees are also known for extraordinary sunshine. This contrast between the cold mountain air and the warm sun makes the Pyrenees a beautiful and unforgettable location.So, if you are looking for a great ski destination that is different from the ones you are used to visiting, the Pyrenees will offer you everything you need to have an amazing time.

This idea of visiting the Pyrenees to ski by the day when it suits you and to enjoy goodweather, is exactly what French people living in Gascony have been doing for the last 100 years - which is why you will mostly hear French being spoken in places like Saint Lary!And skiing this way you can avoid being stuck in an expensive ski chalet or apartment when conditions make skiing unpleasant, or impossible – you can have the best of both worlds!

To help you with this holiday planning, we have partnered up with Sarrat Sport, an expert skiing agency located in Saint Lary, that will provide you with anything you might need to make the best of your time in the Pyrenees.

Saint Lary – Pla d’Adet

Sarrat Sport is an agency which provides ski equipment rentals and other ski support services. They have two shops in Saint Lary and have been in the area since the creation of the ski station in the 1960s.

One of the two shops is located in the Pla d’Adet centre and the other one in the village of St Lary. Their team of 20 experts keeps on evolving and will welcome you in English, Spanish and of course French.

Sarrat Sport is not only specialized in snowboard and ski equipment rentals, but also electrical mountain bikes, snowshoes and sledges, and also sells the accessories related to all these activities.

Sarrat Sport – shop in Saint Lary village

For expert skiers such as competitors and ski teachers, or skiers who just want to maintain their ski equipment, they offer ski equipment maintenance and repairs services. This is the perfect opportunity to make sure your equipment is up and running and looked after to help you achieve your best performances on the pistes

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Sarrat Sport’s values. They are constantly looking for ways to make your ski experience the most enjoyable and practical. For instance, it is possible for you to rent your equipment in one of their shops and store them in the other one afterwards.

You might be thinking that such great services have a cost. It is my pleasure to tell you that Sarrat Sport has thought about your budget, and they offer 7 types of skis to match various client profiles. This means that beginners have not been left out and have as much choice as experts, with prices adapted to every budget.

Each client might not want to spend the same amount of money on their ski equipment, and Sarrat Sport is perfectly aware of it, so they aligned their prices keeping it in mind.

Sarrat Sport has another surprise in store for you: the 7th day of rental is free!

Now that the festive season is coming to an end, why not start the new year with an impromptu skiing holiday with your family? It will feel like Christmas again for your children and you will have the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Pyrenees. The Pyrenees ski stations are normally open right through and including the Easter holidays in the first part of April.

Simply Gascony and Sarrat Sport are here to help you make the most of your holiday and Simply Gascony clients get a 20% discount on all Sarrat Sport equipment rentals.

Sarrat Sport – equipment and clothing shop

To sum up: this special winter holiday gives you a lovely house rental with Simply Gascony, an unforgettable ski experience in Saint Lary with Sarrat Sport, and all at prices much lower than the Alps - what are you waiting for?


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