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Spring in the Pyrenees by Marie-Aude Koné

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

What better way to survive the freezing winter than thinking about sunnier and warmer days? We might still be wearing gloves and scarves, but spring is not far ahead and soon, we will be enjoying a better weather. Simply Gascony is here to help you make the most of this wonderful season. When staying in one of our charming properties during spring, you will have the opportunity to experience various activities in the Pyrenees, while observing its fauna and flora change.

The Pyrenees are best known for winter holidays and skiing, especially for families as it offers a lot of family-oriented services. For more information about skiing holidays in the Pyrenees, please read our previous January blog.

The good news is that winter is not the only season to enjoy this amazing region of Southwest France. When the spring comes, the Pyrenees reveal another aspect of their beauty. The snow starts to melt, and nature does what it does best: transform and evolve. The winter white slowly fades into green and grey as the trees and the stones reveal their majestic colours.

The beauty of the region itself is sufficient to spend the holidays there. It is no wonder why painters and photographers like Gascony: most of its views are breath-taking and inspiring - some people might even see them as a live canvas waiting to be painted.

However, the Pyrenees offer so much more than their natural charm, as one can do numerous activities during the spring, from white-water rafting to fishing. The region has many rivers which attract fishermen each year. In these rivers, you will mainly find wild trout, however, on rare occasions, people can find salmon or carp.

One of the most enjoyable activities to do in spring is hiking. While doing this you will be able to watch a natural show as the water fills the rivers and the landscapes escape from their freezing winter state. Moreover, the sun comes back, bringing its warmth, and makes it the perfect season to discover the region and watch it transition.

In the Pyrenees, spring is also a great time to see its flora and fauna: animals leave hibernation, so you might get lucky and meet marmots, bears or various birds of the area. There are also a large variety of plants and flowers which bloom at that time of the year.

One of the great advantages of visiting the Pyrenees after winter is escaping the crowds of the ski holidays, making it even easier to appreciate the calm of the mountains.

That being said, if you still want to ski and are not ready to store your equipment yet, there are still some areas in the mountains where the snow is still lying. It is even possible to do some ski hiking or climbing to summits. And there are lots of other activities available that you will learn more about in our next blog.

If you are more into sporty activities, spring in the Pyrenees will not disappoint you. Indeed, in addition to walking, bird watching or fishing, there is so much more to do in the region: from paragliding to bungee jumping, canoe rides or canyoning.

Of course, Simply Gascony will help you find and organise any activity you would like to enjoy during your stay. To do this, we have partnered up with Pyrenees Mountains to Med, who are experts in things to do in spring in the Pyrenees. For more information about Pyrenees Mountains to Med (M2M) use this link to go to the Working Partners page on the Simply Gascony website.

Mountains to Med is run by Richard and Yvett Prime who have been living in the Pyrenees for 16 years, and now offer various services to anyone interested in exploring this region.

Having lived in the area for such a long time, Richard and Yvett are ideally placed to advise on walking and hiking routes for people who want to explore the area through these activities. They have been walking in the Pyrenees for years by themselves or with groups, and are happy to share their expertise with other people. They also give a lot of useful advice on what to consider when walking or hiking in the Pyrenees, including when it comes to safety.

As Mountains to Med says, spring can come early, with Snowdrops appearing from the end of January. The most spectacular show happens in early May with the arrival of the Orchids creating an explosion of colour in the pastures - literally fields of orchids. The fields also teem with butterflies and ‘Bee-eater’ birds swoop overhead.

In the Pyrenees, spring is about the transition between two seasons, and the harmony it naturally creates. It goes beyond a typical transition: nature is just speaking for itself and expressing another aspect of its complex, yet simple beauty. It is the time to explore the valleys and lakes of the area, but also its wildlife. When renting a Simply Gascony property, in addition to enjoying your stay in an amazing holiday house, you will have the choice between numerous activities we offer in collaboration with our fantastic working partners.




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