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For Special Holidays...

We are your best way to find a special holiday home in Gascony to rent at any time of the year. This is a truly beautiful, unspoilt and welcoming part of South West France. Each cottage, farmhouse, country house or Château on our list has its own individual character and charm. Gascony is great for families and groups of friends who want to relax, unwind, and slow down. Gascony is about proper countryside, wonderful local markets, fascinating architecture and delicious food and wine. Simply Gascony provides each Guest with personal service, combined with deep local knowledge.

Travel between the UK and France:

Both UK and French Governments are currently adjusting their cross-border travel policies on a weekly basis! The latest consensus seems to be that tourist travel between the two countries may become possible by the end of June, but this by no means certain. This situation is made more complicated by the fact that the Covid control/vaccination programs in the two countries are not progressing at similar rates. As of 30 March, the UK had vaccinated 51% of its adult population and France 16%.

On 30 March, the EU announced its prototype vaccination passport which may be available for use in June. The UK government is considering this issue and proposals may come in the 12 April Travel consultation report. IATA (International Air Transport Authority) in collaboration with Apple expects to launch a digital 'travel pass' in April. More information can be found on these government websites:

Gascony is a great destination:

When you are ready to travel again, Gascony will appeal greatly as a destination, both because of its wonderful climate and because it is so easy to reach. You can drive here direct from the UK, using either a ferry or Eurotunnel to cross the Channel. It is about a 13-hour car journey door-to-door from London to Gascony using Eurotunnel. You may of course choose to fly to Toulouse or Bordeaux (1.5 hours) and these airports and the airlines using them operate Covid safety procedures.

Gascony For Healthy Holidays:

Post-Covid we will all be thinking about healthy holidays, both in terms of the local environment and the way of life - and there is lots to do in Gascony. Gascony has a low population density and practically no pollution. Our relaxed, stress-free, open-air lifestyle, and healthy varied diet, provide the perfect conditions for a short break or a longer change of lifestyle. There are good reasons why Gascony has been known for centuries as the land of 'Bien-Être' ('well-being').

Covid Control:

Simply Gascony has a 'Covid Control Commitment' ('CCC') for all our properties for 2021. Our owners and their housekeepers/cleaners follow the advice set out in the CCC document which you will find on our FAQ page. These recommendations are based on the advice of the VRMA (Vacation Rental Management Association), cross-checked with advice in France.

'No Risk' Booking Contract for 2021:

It may be several months before we will know that a holiday in Gascony will be possible this summer. As soon as this becomes clear, there will be high last-minute demand. This of course makes your planning very difficult. We have therefore created a special 'NO RISK' Booking Contract for 2021. This contract allows you to make a provisional booking well in advance for the Simply Gascony property of your choice. If you have to cancel your booking at any time because of official government travel restrictions and if you rebook the same or another SG property to rent during 2021 or 2022 (subject to availability), then no cancellation or other costs will be charged. You will find a copy of this Contract on our Booking Terms & Conditions page.

Flexible Rents:

Our rents vary according to the Season and the number of people using a property. The rent quoted for each property on this website is the maximum Summer High Season Rent per week with full occupancy. Rents are lower in the Rest of the Year.


26 June to 4 September 2021
Gascony is best known for its glorious Summer Season in July and August. This is when there are many festivals and village parties, street markets are larger, and everyone is on holiday. All our properties are available in Summer.

Outside the Summer Season, Gascony is quieter but still full of charm and there is lots to do. From April to June and September to November the weather is often lovely but a bit cooler than in high Summer.

Many of our properties are available to rent during the Winter/Spring months, and these have wood fires and central heating. November/December can be very pleasant; Christmas/New Year are great fun here and for January, February, and March you have the extra option of some great skiing in the Pyrenees.

Please contact robin@simply-gascony.co.uk for further information.


La Traddure

Simply Gascony has arranged for this Bed and Breakfast accommodation to be available for clients who want somewhere to stay while looking at properties to rent or buy in Gascony... two double bedrooms and two shower rooms, private garden, lovely countryside, 1 hour Toulouse airport...