Gascony is great for families and friends who want to relax, unwind, and slow down. We are your best way to find a holiday home in Gascony to rent at any time of the year. This is a truly beautiful, unspoilt, and welcoming part of Southwest France. Each property in our selection has its own individual character and charm. Gascony has a great climate, proper countryside, wonderful local markets, delicious food and wine, and fascinating history and architecture. We work with a variety of other local Gascon businesses to provide our guests with a customised personal service and a wide range of holiday opportunities and experiences.


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Up to £6000/week

(£72 pppn)

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SLEEPS 10 plus 4 children

Up to £6000/week

(£72 pppn)

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Up to £9000/week

(£43 pppn)

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Up to £4200/week (£43 pppn)

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Up to £5000/week

(£59 pppn)

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Up to £5400/week

(£64 pppn)

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Up to £4000/week

(£71 pppn)

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Up to £3000/week

(£54 pppn)

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Up to £3000/week

(£43 pppn)

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Up to £2500/week

(£45 pppn)

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SLEEPS 2 to 40


Castelnau des Fieumarcon

Price on Application



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Sleeps 4

(+ 2 young children)


Up to £90 per adult per night, inc breakfast.



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Gascony is the ideal place to go on holiday this year


Gascony has many qualities which make it the ideal destination for a holiday in Europe when the world is still affected by Covid and continuing flights chaos. See Holiday Gascony for more information.

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Travel between the UK and Gascony is easy…


Gascony is easily accessible by car - especially using the Channel Tunnel. From Calais, it will take around 10 hours' driving on high quality ‘autoroutes’ to reach Auch, the capital of Gascony. Alternatively, you could break your journey about halfway, and stay the night in the Loire valley to visit the great C16 chateaux that comprise this wonderful ‘World Heritage’ area. There are ferry crossing options, with the shortest route also being to Calais. Gascony is normally quick and easy to reach by plane or train, going to major stations and airports such as those serving the beautiful cities of Toulouse and Bordeaux.


Climate & Countryside…

Gascony has a great year-round climate, with warm and temperate spring, summer and autumn months. With practically no pollution, Gascony is one of the healthiest destinations in Europe - for both the mind and the body. The beautiful, unspoilt countryside of rolling hills and valleys offers plenty of scope for expeditions and exploring, the chance to enjoy an active holiday at your own pace. This is ideal for days spent by the pool or exploring ancient villages and markets full of local produce, then dining al fresco. The majestic Pyrenees Mountains dominate the southern horizon, providing excellent skiing in winter and summer hill-walking with the wildflowers and mountain birds.

Food & Wine…

Gascony is renowned for its local delicacies such as the many recipes for duck. Flavours are rich, varied and healthy, food is generally unprocessed and sourced locally, with gently-reared tender red meat, really tasty chicken, the famous ‘Toulouse Sausage’, 'Cassoulet', a vast range of pâtés and 'charcuterie', and of course traditional ‘foie-gras’. Local markets are full of fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, patisserie and croissants, and a huge range of cheeses. Wine lovers have always known Gascony for its wide range of excellent country wines, the intriguing aperitif 'Floc de Gascogne' and its signature brandy 'Armagnac'.


Working Partners

We work with a variety of other local Gascon businesses to provide our guests with a customised personal service and a wide range of holiday opportunities and experiences.

These businesses are our ‘Working Partners’. We introduce you, our Guests, to the service providers you want to use. The commercial arrangements are then made directly between you and our Working Partner. The latest service to be included is Pyrenees hiking/bird watching. Go to our Working Partners page to see what else is available.

Weather Forecast – next two months:

Friday 5th August 2022


This Simply Gascony summary forecast is based on the Accuweather monthly forecast for Auch, capital city of Le Gers and centre of the Simply Gascony holiday rental area.




Generally sunny: 20/26 days sunny/mostly sunny.

Temperature range: 25–36 deg C (77-97 deg F).

Rainfall: None expected and no thunderstorms.





Mixed sun and cloud: 15/30 days sunny/mostly sunny

Temperature range: 23–30 deg C (81-90 deg F).

Rainfall: About 50mm with probability of several thunderstorms during month.


This forecast will be updated weekly on Fridays.


Source: https://www.accuweather.com/en/fr/auch/135246/july-weather/135246?year=2022


Weather Report:


Gascony has a generally mild climate throughout the whole year, with particularly warm and dry summer months from June to September. Average daily temperatures in July and August are in the range 25°C to 30°C, and sometimes above 35°C.


Spring and Autumn in Gascony are also very appealing, especially for activity-based holidays such as walking, riding, and cycling. In these seasons we have cooler temperatures, ranging from 15° to 25°C, but the weather is still very pleasant.


Winter in Gascony can be cold and wet, with occasional snow and frost. However, Gascony includes excellent skiing in the Pyrenees and the best months for this are January to March.


Best time of the year to visit:

The daily average high temperature (white line) peaks at the end of July/beginning of August at around 27°C, with a max/min range of 24°C to 30°C.














We have a flexible rent policy for all our properties. The rent quoted on this website for each property is the maximum Summer High Season Rent per week.

For 2022, ‘High Season’ is from 25 June to 3 September.

For 2023, 'High Season' will be from 24 June to 2 September.

 Rents outside High Season are negotiable depending on the time of year, length of stay and number of occupants, so please contact Simply Gascony for full details. In addition, we have occasional Special Offers for existing and new properties, for last minute availability, and low season rents.

Auch, the capital city of the département of Le Gers, is located approximately in the centre of the Simply Gascony holiday rental area, and as far South as Nice on the Mediterranean Cote d'Azure. The chart above is based on 30 year average weather reports for Auch, so provides a good guide to typical weather in Gascony.  From June to September, the weather is generally warm (above 24°C/75°F) r, with highs of up to 30°C/86°F in mid-Summer.