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Autumn and Winter Rental Properties in Gascony, France

With local lockdowns and tightened Covid-19 restrictions casting worries over the coming autumn and winter months, now is the time to consider whether taking on a long-term autumn and winter rental in Gascony could be the perfect antidote for the winter blues…

Gascony. The land of fabulous food, unspoilt countryside and an unparalleled variety of things to see and do. For those in the know, this relatively unfamiliar area of South West France is the country’s best kept secret, showcasing the best of French culture and many features that are unique to the area. Although generally more popular with tourists and visitors in the summer months, this region also has good weather in the cooler autumn months, and a welcoming winter atmosphere, with markets, festive events and the option to ski in the Pyrenees.

So, with working remotely increasingly common, perhaps it’s no surprise that many people are looking at different possibilities for living arrangements over the coming months – then Gascony is an excellent choice. Easily drivable from the UK via ferry or Eurotunnel, as well as served by both Bordeaux and Toulouse airports, securing autumn and winter rental properties in gascony is safe, simple and promises a great opportunity to recharge and relax. Read on for our top reasons to explore Gascony as part of a longer stay this year:

A Healthy Lifestyle

All our minds are much more focused on our health this year. As well as the obvious and practical day-to-day health and hygiene practices we’ve learned to adopt, the pandemic has also made many of us far more aware of our lifestyles and health habits.

A lot of people are looking for greater access to outdoor space and the better work-life balance such environments help to create. Gascony perfectly fits these requirements, having been known for centuries as the land of ‘bien-etre’ (wellbeing), with a very low population density, plenty of open space, gentle climate and practically no air pollution. The Gascon lifestyle is also known for being one of low stress and high enjoyment, with life happening at a slower pace.

Countryside and Climate

By visiting Gascony in the autumn and winter months you can find the best combination of pleasant climate and beautiful scenery, and even greater tranquillity than in the summer months. The mild autumn months of September and October are great for enjoying the Atlantic coast, as well as offering more pleasant temperatures for hiking and cycling around Gascony’s many forest areas and lakes. Then from December onwards, the Pyrenees ski resorts begin to open…

Sand and Snow

For those looking for a more active stay, then the beaches of the Atlantic coast between Bordeaux and Biarritz are renowned among the surfing crowd as being among the best in Europe, with the autumn months providing some of the best waves and a favourite time of year amongst the professionals. As the trees lose their leaves and autumn blends into Winter, you can swap the surf for skis, and explore the Pyrenees, an underrated and affordable skiing destination that is easy to visit daily from Gascony.

Manageable Covid Restrictions

Of course, Covid restrictions are ever-changing and it’s best to check the government guidelines before booking, but at the time of publishing, France’s voluntary quarantine is only seven days for visitors arriving from the UK, and then 14 when arriving back in the UK from France. These restrictions can be inconvenient when arranging short breaks, but for a longer stay are more acceptable.

The South West of France, and Gascony in particular, is operating quite normally, with shops, restaurants and cafes open for business, although mask wearing and social distancing remain an important part of keeping the country operational. For more information on France’s Covid regulations, see here.

As well as Gascony’s innate healthy lifestyle, the Department of ‘Le Gers’, which covers most of Gascony, has one of the lowest Covid-19 infection and death rates in France. All our properties are cleaned and prepared to stringent hygiene standards.

So, if a longer autumn and winter stay in Gascony sounds like a good idea, then contact us today to see how we can help, or alternatively browse our available rentals. All rentals are flexible, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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