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5 Reasons why Gascony is the perfect place to holiday in 2021

It looks as though holidaying abroad may become possible from mid-May onwards. People may be cautious now about to booking a holiday in France, but we can hope to return to something like normality this summer. When the time comes, Gascony, with its wonderful climate, outdoor way of life and sparse population is the perfect place for a post-pandemic vacation. Here’s 5 reasons why Gascony is the perfect place to holiday in 2021:

1. You can drive to Gascony from the UK

While Gascony is easy to reach by plane or train, with major stations and airports such as Toulouse and Bordeaux, it is also easily accessible by car – a travel option that may be preferable for many in light of social distancing. There are many channel-crossing options, either via the Channel Tunnel or by ferry from various ports across the UK. From Calais, which is the destination of the Tunnel and shortest ferry crossings, it will take around 10 hours driving to reach Auch, the capital of Gascony. Routes from the UK will vary depending on where you enter France, but the quickest will be the A10 autoroute via Bordeaux, or the A71 > A20 autoroute via Toulouse.

2. It's a healthy environment with low population density

With practically no pollution, Gascony is one of the healthiest destinations in Europe – for both the mind and the body. The beautiful, unspoilt countryside of rolling hills and valleys offers plenty of scope for outdoor expeditions and exploring, the chance to enjoy an active holiday at entirely your own pace. Gascony also enjoys one of the lowest population densities in the whole of France – it’s certainly a holiday location that is guaranteed to be far from the madding crowds!

3. Great weather and outdoor living is top of the list

Gascony has a great year-round climate, enjoying particularly warm and temperate spring, summer and autumn months. This makes for a great outdoor living environment, with days easily spent lounging by the pool, exploring local markets and enjoying plenty of local produce and dining al fresco. There’s plenty to see and do in Gascony, with activities ranging from browsing historical towns and cities, to opportunities to hike, cycle and surf along the Atlantic coast – numerous options for those who are looking to enjoy an active and outdoorsy holiday.

4. The food and drink is wonderful

France as a country is a haven for foodies, but perhaps no region so much so as Gascony. Home to many cultural delicacies such as fois-gras, the flavours are generally rich and traditional, with hearty wines, its signature brandy Armagnac, gently-reared tender red meat, really tasty chicken, the famous Toulouse Sausage, ‘Cassoulet’, and a vast range of patés and ‘charcuterie’. The local markets are also full of fresh fruit and vegetables, croissants, bread and cheeses. Gascony is renowned for its extensive wine production, more information on which can be found here.

5. Low risk booking with Simply Gascony

We understand that booking and planning international travel has been difficult lately, and that’s why we have created a special 'NO RISK' Booking Contract for 2021. This contract allows you to make a provisional booking well in advance for the Simply Gascony property of your choice. If you have to cancel your booking at any time because of official government travel restrictions and if you rebook the same or another SG property to rent during 2021 or 2022 (subject to availability), then no cancellation or other costs will be charged. You will find a copy of this contract on our Booking Terms & Conditions page.

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