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Discover the Pyrenees in Gascony: find out about our working partners

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Simply Gascony works with a variety of other local businesses to provide our guests with an increasing range of holiday opportunities and experiences – introducing Pyrenees Mountain 2 Med.

Spanning some 270 miles, and with a width that varies between six to 80, the Pyrenees is an incredibly beautiful and diverse mountain range, stretching from the Mediterranean Sea on the east to the Bay of Biscay on the Atlantic Ocean on the west.

Home to many sacred pilgrimage sites and incredible hiking trails, the Pyrenees is a truly awe-inspiring place to explore – no matter what time of the year you choose to visit. The incredible natural environment is home swathes of glorious pine forests, verdant green valleys, dramatic gorges, pristine waterfalls and lakes and many historically important towns and villages. Of course, if you visit in the winter months, you’ll also be treated to the sight of snow-capped mountains and areas where you can ski – a perfect alternative to the Alps!

In 1997, part of the Pyrenees, including the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park (in Spain) and the Pyrenees National Park (in France), was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List for its spectacular geologic landforms and testimony to the unique transhumance agricultural system. Transhumance farming is a method popular in alpine regions, and is best characterised by the movement of livestock between different mountain pastures throughout the year according to the season, and often the relocation of farming families. Entering the Pyrenees area is truly like entering a different world.

Holidaying with Simply Gascony gives you the best of both worlds. You can be relaxing by the pool at your picturesque country house one day, and venturing up into the mountainous Pyrenees the next day. Your holiday can be as relaxing or as active as you want – you can take it entirely at your own pace. In fact, find out more about our new working partners, Pyrenees Mountains 2 Med, who we are delighted to announce are going to be working with us from August 2022 onwards.

The central section of the French Pyrenees was historically part of the Duchy of Gascony. Living in Gascony today, we are constantly aware of this majestic mountain range stretching across our southern horizon. Because we have so little air pollution in Gascony, on a clear day it feels as though the jagged snow-capped peaks are within touching distance – and in fact they are only about two hours’ drive from most of our rental properties.

Although we talk a lot about the Pyrenees in the context of winter skiing, there is a lot more to be enjoyed throughout the year in this beautiful landscape, including hiking, water sports, trail running, bird and wildlife watching, photography opportunities, and mountain biking.

Richard and Yvett Prime run Pyrenees Mountains 2 Med (M2M) and have lived in the wonderful, diverse Pyrenees for 16 years. Their home is in a beautiful, hidden valley near the village of Fenouillet in the Pyrénées Orientales. They offer their own self-catering accommodation and can recommend other rental properties for larger parties.

Close by their home are two ruined castles perched on rocky outcrops, a deep gorge with crystal clear pools, an ancient forest with a spectacular mix of tree types and micro-climates.

In the adjacent main valley there are multiple wine producers with much to taste, the Cathar story, deep gorges and rich natural beauty. This is an opportunity to explore with Richard and Yvett the extraordinary diversity and natural riches to be found in an ever-changing landscape as the Pyrenees march majestically towards the crystal-clear blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Richard and Yvett have specific expertise in birdwatching, especially raptors, WW2 escape routes and resistance history, mountain refuges & wild camping. They will advise of bird watching locations and walking routes.

They support, through recommendations, local businesses that they have personally researched, that provide a genuine, authentic, positive experience and are sensitive to local traditions and customs, and are environmentally aware. They take great care to share responsibly nature information and to preserve undisturbed the wonderful wildlife that is found throughout this remarkable area. They are very conscious of the trust placed in them by the naturalist organisations they support.

You will deal directly with M2M – we will simply provide you with the introduction.

Richard & Yvett Prime 00 33 6 16 22 66 53 [email protected]

Simply Gascony also works with a variety of other local businesses to provide our guests with an increasing range of holiday opportunities and experiences.

Meet some more of our current working partners

How about making biking part of your holiday in Gascony? Gascony is perfect biking country. You will find a deeply rural and very attractive undulating countryside of fields, woods, ‘bastide’ villages and market towns. There is very little traffic, lots to see and do, and you can choose your own pace. And to help you organise this…

Dave & Tracey Jones have been living and cycling in Gascony for 20 years. As Gascogne Bike Hire (‘GBH’) they offer guests staying in Simply Gascony rental properties a variety of bicycle based additional services, including:

Bike Hire: Affordable Bike Hire so you can explore this beautiful area on your own. Bikes include - Trek Fx1 VTC bikes, VTT bikes, e-bikes and children's bikes and Trailers. You can also hire pannier bags, phone holders, and child seats. With prior booking, these can be delivered to your rental property whenever you want.

Self-Guided Day Tours. Day Tours with different Points of Interest . A day tour usually starts at their depot at 9am. Your Tour can then be downloaded to your phone for full GPS guidance. Tour options include the Historical tour, the Wine & Armagnac Tour and the Gastronomic Tour. GBH can also provide you with a gourmet Picnic lunch (vegetarian/vegan options available) so you can stop when you choose and go at your own pace. You can also choose the distance for your day tour, e.g. 20km 30km etc.

You will deal directly with GBH – we will simply provide you with the introduction.

David & Tracey Jones

0033 627722894

If you are renting a Simply Gascony country house for a special holiday such as a family birthday or a friends’ reunion, how about having a local, friendly, talented, professional photographer/videographer record the experience for you?

Fran Corbett lives at La Sauvetat, about in the middle of Le Gers. She takes on a wide variety of photo opportunities, including some of our Simply Gascony holiday properties (e.g. Chateau Pélat, Chateau Puissentut and Castelnau des Fieumarcon) but her main work is to do with weddings and family events. Look at Fran’s website and you will see just how original and appealing her work is.

You will deal directly with Littlewing – we will simply provide you with the introduction.

Fran Corbett

+33 786 10 49 13

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