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What can you do on holiday in Gascony in 2023?

…and how to make it happen!

There are so many things to do in Gascony whatever time of year you choose to visit, from exploring the beautiful countryside on foot, discovering local market towns and fascinating mediaeval villages, or even just relaxing by the pool at your Simply Gascony holiday home! However, there’s also a whole world of different activities available to our guests thanks to our innovative Working Partners scheme – taking the stress and hassle out of organising different activities that you might not normally consider or have the resources/connections to organise. We love supporting fantastic local businesses, and can’t wait to help connect our guests with local experts who can help provide an exciting and authentic experience.

What can you do while you’re on holiday in Gascony?

Gascony is full of opportunities. There are so many things you can do here, such as enjoying an active holiday full of hiking, cycling, horse-riding, skiing (in the Pyrenees in the winter), or water sports/surfing on the lakes or at France’s beautiful Southwest coast. Gascony is also renowned for its cuisine and world-famous wine – so why not indulge in a vineyard tour or two or even an authentic market visit and cooking class. There’s also plenty of other activities, such as bird watching in the Pyrenees – or if you’re hosting a special event while you’re out here, or even just creating family holiday memories, we can recommend caterers and a fantastic local photographer to capture those amazing moments.

What are the best times of year to plan activities in Gascony?

It varies depending on what activities you’re looking at – however one of the great things about Gascony is it generally year-round agreeable climate, with very mild springs and autumns as well as warm summers, meaning most outdoor activities are enjoyable for the majority of the year. Skiing of course needs to be over the winter months, which are generally December to April. And activities such as cooking classes are also ideal during the colder period. Vineyard tours are best enjoyed from the spring through to the autumn, however chateau visiting and wine tasting is also a great winter activity!

How can Simply Gascony help you achieve this?

Simply Gascony works with a number of local businesses – our Working Partners – in order to help you organise whatever activity/activities you may want to try while staying with us in Gascony. We will introduce you to the Working Partners of your choice, and then you will deal directly with them.

Who are Simply Gascony’s Working Partners?

Our list of working partners is constantly expanding. We started with:

· Mountains2Med – Hiking and birdwatching in the Pyrenees -

· Littlewing Photos & Film – Photos or videos of your holiday events

· Gascogne Bike Hire & Tours – Self-guided planned bike vineyard tours or architecture/history tours -

And we have three new Working Partners joining Simply Gascony in September 2022:

Gascony is renowned for its authentic local cuisine. Flavours are rich, varied and healthy, food is generally unprocessed and sourced locally. Village markets are full of meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, patisserie and croissants, and a vast range of cheeses.

Our newest Working Partner, Laura Washburn Hutton, was born in the USA but having lived and worked as a cook and cookery writer in France and England, now lives in the beautiful ‘bastide’ village of Fourcès, where in 2020 she established Atelier Cuisine Fourcès.

‘Laura’s Gascon Recipe of the Month’. Laura will be contributing on our SG website each month, one of her own Gascon Recipes.

Laura Washburn Hutton Atelier Cuisine Fourcès

🇫🇷+33 (0) 7 77 92 40 89 [email protected]

Simply Gascony is delighted to have met and tasted the wines of Romain Bourlot at De la Terre au Verre (‘From the Earth to the Glass’) [link to Facebook]. Romain trained as an oenologist and has worked on wine estates in France, Italy and Australia, before setting up his own wine business in the lovely town of Lectoure. Romain stocks a wide range of French wines and specialises in the wines (and Armagnacs) of over 25 independent local Gascon wine estates, offering high quality at attractive prices.

Romain will be delighted to help Simply Gascony guests with the selection of wines for their holiday. This could include for example supplying a mixed tasting case of 12 Gascon wines to be waiting at your property for your arrival. Perhaps you might like to have Romain’s recommendations for a tasting tour of wine properties near your rental house. Or you might like to visit Lectoure (a really attractive historic market town with excellent restaurants and shops) and include a wine-tasting at De la Terre au Verre.

Romain Bourlot

De la Terre au Verre

25 Rue Nationale

32700 Lectoure

Tel : 05 62 68 51 40

Adam and Bee Fitch have lived in Gascony since 2008 and set up e-Velo Gers in 2021, in response to the Covid pandemic. As they say:

“The pandemic saw a surge of local tourism and it became apparent that few of us truly know the area we live in - we just pass through.”

E-Velo Gers was set up with the compelling principle that the business would have a number of bike-hire bases across Le Gers, and eventually across Occitanie. In 2022 there were ten e-Velo depots and 50 are planned for 2023. Adam and Bee’s vision is that these depots will be distributed so that any would-be renter will be able to find an electric bike to hire within a few kilometres of their home or rental property.

Simply Gascony is proud to partner e-Velo by making their innovative and environmentally relevant service available to our guests.

Bee Fitch


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