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Last minute holidays in Gascony: enjoy the good weather!

Still looking for a last-minute summer or autumn holiday destination? With its fantastic climate and some great weather forecast for July and August this year, have a look at this summer's two month weather forecast. Gascony is the ideal choice …

Gascony is a great place to visit at any time of the year, thanks to its generally mild climate that offers particularly warm and enjoyable spring, summer and autumn weather. This year is no exception with the long range forecast currently predicting temperatures in the high 20s to low 30s throughout July and August. To view the two month forecast click here.

Summer in Gascony presents a great opportunity to enjoy a whole range of activities.

The Gascony climate, with its long growing season and warm summers, plus the fertile soil and winter rain, have ensured that Gascony has remained predominantly agricultural, with no large towns or industrial areas and hence no significant pollution. The region therefore makes for not just a healthy place to call home for a week or so, but a great environment to explore as part of an active holiday, be it biking, hiking or surfing.

Average daily temperatures in July and August over the last 30 years are in the range 25°C to 30°C, and sometimes above 35°C – hot enough to require sunhats, siestas, and ice-cold beer! Fortunately, all of our Simply Gascony properties have their own private swimming pools, so you can be sure that wherever you book – there’s plenty of space to cool down, relax, and take it at your own pace. Why not take a peek at some of our favourite pools here.


Summer Activities in Gascony

A few things to do in Gascony while the weather’s particularly good:

· Swimming and water sports – whether you’re a keen kayaker, wild swimmer or maybe a good spa is more your thing, Gascony’s got plenty of open bodies of water to enjoy, from picturesque rivers to Pyrenean lakes. Swimming and Water Sports

· Surfing – it may not be the number one activity that springs to mind when you think of rural inland Gascony, but the region is bordered by France’s dramatic southwest coast, famous in the surfing world for its impressive waves. Where to Surf

· Cycling holiday - with its quiet roads and many cycle paths, Gascony is perhaps best explored on bike. And with the help of our associates, the experts at Gascogne Bike Hire, cycling in Gascony has never been easier. You can hire bikes that can be delivered straight to your rental property and embark on your own adventure, or book onto a guided tour, such as the popular wine tasting and cycling experiences! Cycling Holidays

· Enjoy some of Gascony’s many fetes and festivals – Gascony plays host to a number of cultural events, exhibitions and concerts throughout the year, but particularly throughout the summer months. From big names such as Tempo Latino and Jazz in Marciac to small traditional affairs reflecting Gascony’s history and culture – there’s something to suit all tastes. Festivals in Gascony


Early autumn in Gascony is equally a lovely time to explore the area. In these seasons you’ll experience cooler temperatures, ranging from 15° to 25°C, but the weather is still very pleasant.

Autumn activities in Gascony

A few things to enjoy in Gascony while the weather’s a little cooler!:

· Explore some of Gascony’s many historic market towns – while the area is predominantly rural, there’s so much to see and do when it comes to Gascony’s towns and villages, from beautiful architecture to delicious boulangeries and bistros.

· Experience Gascony’s world-class winemaking culture – home to some of the best wines in the world (and we’re not even biased!) the cooler months are the perfect time to indulge a vineyard tour and tasting session or two. Wine Tours

· Indulge in some Gascon cuisine – this can definitely be enjoyed any time of year, come rain or shine, but there’s nothing better than a few glasses of wine on a mild sunny afternoon accompanied by some traditional Gascon fare. Learn more about some of the region’s most popular dishes here. Gascon Cuisine

· And we also provide a list of our ‘Recommended Restaurants.

· These are some of the restaurants that we and our Simply Gascony owners have enjoyed over the last few years. Some of these will compare well with much better-known establishments in Toulouse, Bordeaux, Paris or London. Others are much simpler, only known locally but nevertheless providing genuine quality and excellent value for money.

Simply Gascony properties with last minute availability

Tempted? We’ve still got a few weeks free! Go to our Special Offers page on our website to check what’s on offer in July and August.

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